We're so far from Monday who cares Friday night is right here

I'll dance with me if there's nobody else

I've waited so long got to move to that song

Tell the DJ this party won't start itself!

Gimme the beat yeah

Sounds good to me yeah

Moving my feet yeah

Cos nothin can stop me so turn it up loud

Hit the bass right now, guitar in my face right now

I gotta dance to that sound 

Cos nothin can stop me so turn it up loud

Got my hands up got my hands up got my hands up

Gimme the beat, gimme the beat!

Lay out the groove lets go there put the sway in the air

No theres nothing else that I want

Don't slow it down we got boots on the ground

All they wanna do yeah is stomp stomp stomp!

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Feels so right it cant be wrong its what you wait all week for

Everybody get your body out onto the dance floor!


I'm gonna kick back here in the tall grass

Gonna tell the boss man he can kiss my ass

I'm a sit right here in the sunshine

Throw a few back maybe wet a line, yeah I'm

Dirt rich, money poor

Got everything I need never want for more

I hear folks saying how loves a bitch

Well they ain't been living it dirt rich!

Oh yeah

Ya'll come over bring a forty and lawn chair

Put your hands lord wave em' like you don't care

It dont cost much to have a good time

I'm damn near broke but I dont mind, livin'

Like I'm livin!

How ya'll livin!?

Oh Yeah

Dirt Rich

Got a little peice of land and peace of mind and it sure feels fine



Rusted renegade, Rayban shades, AC's broke but I don't care

Feet on the dash, driving fast

Take it off road, I ain't scared

To get a little wild and free

Boy if you're asking me

A jeep aint a jeep less its headed to the beach with my hair blown' in the wind

A beer ain't a beer if the caps on the bottle so boy get to twistin

I almost got what I want, show me what you got 

If you wanna get me hot

Take your take your, take your top off!

Lose the tee shirt, whats it gonna hurt

I'm taking mine off, I don't care who sees

Mmm six pack, get me some of that

Throw it in park and crash into me

We got no place to be, I think we can both agree

Take your top off


You think your words will crush me

Boy I've been crushed before

Like I'll die if you don't love me

Well bye bye, hit the door

I won't go off the deep end

I won't drown in my own tears

Check the rear view as your leaving

Cos I'll still be standing here

Unbroken, unjaded

It hurts right now but I'm gonna make it alright

It's just a bug bite, a bump in the middle of the road of my life

So give me what you got, your best shot

Might knock me down but it ain't gonna stop me no

I'll just keep on going going and ging


Sometimes you just get dusty, sometimes you get up slow

Might get a little ugly, ain't my first rodeo no

I ain't afraid of falling, thats how you learn to fly

Yeah I could throw the towel in but I'm gonna live my life

Oh no what you gonna do about it

Hide out, sit around and cry about it

Too bad, so sad

It's just a one way ticket to nowhere FAST!


I got a buzz like, Fleetwood Macs rolled into town

You got a smile like wildfire thats hard to turn down

The sun is setting in your eyes, I check my make up

I got a feeling this whole town is gonna get a Shake Up

So tell me, are you ready?

Cos life happens once

Damn baby!

Your looks are melting my heart

I wanna get crazy

I jump up, right up cant' stop

Oooooo come a little closer

Can you feel the kick drum

We're only getting older

Light this night up like a SPITFIRE!

I got a feeling, you and me might end up in our own world

And if you like to play with fire then baby I'm your girl

This life is going so quick I just wanna live it

Living the moment with you thats what I call rich

So tell me are you ready? 

Cos life happens once


Beat up suitcase, lots of heart break

Can't take you with me when I go

I'm a free bird, I'm a gypsy

Tough as any rolling stone

Been too long now it's time

To find this restless soul of mine

I was made too fly

I might break but you wont see me cry

Look away so you don't have to say goodbye

I was made to fly

Now I'm running, running, running, running, running like the wind

And I do and say and dreaming and I dont', care here I been

Ain't it crazy where it takes you when you run and jump right in

Bright blue ocean, faded dessert

Yeah I wanna see it all

Things that hurt me, I won't remember

Golden sunset Ill be gone

It's not an easy road, this is what I know


Theres a love I've known way deep in my soul

So brilliantly out of control

Like fire & ice blended as one

Leaves you so completely numb

I don't know what to say I don't know what to think

Your lies have torn me more than skin deep

How can I sit here and honestly say 

I dont trust you but I'll love you any way

A love so high

It was bound to die

And I'm starting to learn nothing good lasts forever

But I know in my hear we are meant together

Should I give up my trust and hang up my gloves

Or should I fight for us

Am I gonna look back with a ton of regret

I know I can forgive but can I forget

Will your promise to change remain unbroken

Or will you crush it all cos your a steam train rolling

They say that I should know better, but I don't


I've been blessed with a good reputation cos my mama taught right from wrong

But I out grew my little goodie too shoes and I think it's time I take em' off

Cos I wanna do what I wanna do when I wanna do it with who I wanna do it with

With all the trouble I'll getting in, it won't matter how good I been

I'm a bad bad bad bad girl waiting to happen

I'm a bad bad bad bad girl the caution lights are flashin

Daddy's little angel hasn't fallen yet but my faded halo's only hanging on by a thread

Im a bad bad bad bad girl waiting to happen

These lips never tasted no whiskey or never said a naughty word

But one day soon I'll be breaking all the rules cos these lines I drew are getting blurred

Cos I wanna say what I wanna say when I wanna say it to who I wanna say it too

Yeah all the things I'm gonna do, when I'm finally on the loose

No-ones gonna stop me

Gonna get a little crazy

Once the fevers got me

Baby theres no turning back


I see the moonlight, I see the firelight 

I see the smoke in the air

Your fingers dancing, you got me asking

Where do you wanna go from here

It's all about way deep in each others eyes

In this moment we feel like we can fly, our love is simple cos

Without you I'm nothing and with you I'm something and together we're everything

1+1 = love, 1+1 = love

You speak my language, you get my message

Sweet magic in your hands, the right equation on this occasion 

One woman and one man

It's all about you and me and the moments we've stolen

It's like I've got forever to hold you tonight

Our love it simple cos


Oooooo it's nothing complicated

Oooooo sweet as we can make it

Oooooo it's nothing complicated

Oooooo sweet as we can make it, make it baby


Something bout seventeen

Trying to hold on to feeling that free

Wearing it out like them old blue jeans

Living in that one song

We were following a melody

Winding down the road he was leaning into me

A little room to run was all you really need

Cos someday those days will be gone

Sittin on moonbeam summertime, sweet love in his eyes

Dancing like a firefly hey hey!

We got a good buzz coming on, fire still burning strong

Gonna take it into the night, and the stars are gonna sign a song written in that sky

Something bout the summertime Oh yeah

I remember the magic we caught

Some of that gold dust you dont shake off

I still roll down to that secret little spot 

Where we left out innocent dreams

Oh yeah, something bout the summertime

Ooooooo it didn't matter we're we going

Life just happened in the moment

©2017 by Jody Direen Ltd.