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Hey guys! Hope you had a stellar weekend!

Exciting news! Just a few days ago I got to pick up this beauty of a truck (pictured below)! Stoked to be on board with GWD Motor Group! Keep an eye out for me on the road and come say g'day if you see me around!

I'll be hitting the road embarking on my nationwide NZ summer tour this year....dates will be announced soooooon! I'm super grateful to the awesome team at GWD for their support, this brand new Toyota Hilux will be perfect for transporting my band and I around on the tour!

Please help me say thank you to them and hit them up if you need a new or used set of Holden or Toyota wheels! They might even do a JD deal if you twist their arm!

They have branches in Queenstown, Alex, Gore and Invercargill:) Check out ther Facebook and Instagram too!

Lots of love,

Jodes X

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